Woodside Hill Rose Merlot

Our Rose

The Rose is a made in a dry crisp style from 100% Merlot. The vines are tended specifically for Rose and harvested separately and somewhat earlier than the merlot destined for our red wines. the Rose is cool fermented and processed straight to tank. Bottling is usually done 4 - 5 months after harvest and the wine is ready in September, in plenty of time for summer. It can be expected to last for 2 years after that.

Reviews and Awards

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Vintage 2016 $20

A dry Rose with an aroma of red fruits. This wine reflects the trend to lighter and somewhat lower alcohol Ros├ęs. 100% Merlot. Light pink.

Vintage 2015 $20

SOLD OUT. A dry Rose with an aroma of red fruits. 100% Merlot. Salmon pink.

Vintage 2014 $20

SOLD OUT. A near dry Rose with tones of Guava, Raspberry and Strawberry type fruits on the nose. 100% Merlot. Medium Pink.